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Operating costs are the largest part of any business’ budget and electricity-dependent industries are often hampered by the variable and increasing costs imposed by energy companies. From a manufacturing plant with power tools humming to a winery barrel room with refrigeration units chilling, industries are vulnerable to electric rate increases. A Solar Pro energy system can turn this fluctuating and ongoing operating cost into a fixed, one-time capital investment.

Electricity from the utility company is not cheap, especially when you use large quantities of it to run your business. You will always need power and you can be certain that rates will only increase over time. Electricity from your Solar Pro energy system comes at a fixed rate with a finite end to any financing.

Beyond the 30% federal tax credit and MACRS depreciation rates, there are other green business incentives that can expedite business owners return on investment for going solar. In many cases, these incentive payments are received even faster than the tax credit, further accelerating payback. Solar Pro is familiar with these local grants, regional rebates and industry incentives. We are ready to help you capitalize on your renewable energy investment today.

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